Tuesday, 26 March 2013

OMG! EXCLUSIVE: Harry Styles + Liam From One Direction Finally Caught Kissing!


  1. I thought it said they were caught kissing? I don't see them kissing, just talking, joking around, being guys.

  2. C'mon boys...Get It On!!!

  3. it really gets me the media are so damn worry about who is kissing who or fucking who. so what if they kissed or not it's their life and not yours. so stay the hell out of other persons life and worry about yours. the media is really making me sick.

  4. is normal boys the real norma to day

  5. this is lads being lads
    nothng about boys caught kissing
    you can find a lot of out-take photos on the net of guys messing about catching their mates off-guard by suddenly kissing them just to cause effect.... and media loves to take these instances and post them out of context
    doesnt mean anything !
    Just a typical case of trying to make a story when there isn't one