Sunday, 16 December 2012

Louis Tomlinson From One Direction Is GAY!? Check Out His Shirt


  1. you are a phony!you just typed that on his shirt.ive seen the real pic an it does not say that!you know what im getting sick of this gay and larry stylinson shit!just leave them alone.its a bromance not a directioner and you guys should stop being jerks.your probably just jealous.i may be 11 years old but i love harry and louis with all my heart.and i know how it feels.i have all friends who are boys and people tease me about it andsay were dating and stuff.and i dont want that to happen to them.their the only thing thank makes me stop being jerks!

  2. Dear Harry styles lover. It is important for you to know that if Louis is gay, it's OK and doesn't mean there is anything wrong or bad about him.